Here we offer a general overview of the services we can offer you at our practice. We encourage you to contact us by email or telephone to fully discuss your specific case and requirements. We would be glad to personally answer all your queries and give you full information to help you make your decisions about treatment. Dr Timotijevic: “We always have time to talk to our patients”. So, if you need additional information about services or have questions about the treatment that you are seeking, we urge you to call us or contact us via e-mail and we’ll provide the answer in the shortest possible time with no obligation at all. Your ESTETIK.

Aesthetic and conservative dentistry

Modern dentistry should be about preventing problems, in the first instance. This means preventing the development of caries, which can cause the loss of teeth. At Estetik, we pay special attention to the early detection of caries, and we ensure we give you the knowledge and tools to maintain excellent hygiene and regular controls. Early detection of caries ensures the preservation of your teeth and their function. By employing only the most modern and reliable materials from the best manufacturers in the world, we ensure that we lay the foundation to guarantee the longevity of your teeth. If a cavity is goes undetected, bacteria can cause inflammation of the tooth nerve or the bone tissue around the roots. If this happens, the tooth requires proper cleaning and disinfection of the root canal or endodontic treatment. Having completed this work, the affected teeth can last for decades in the mouth and thus one ensures full function and avoids major reconstructive procedures. Dr. Timotijevic: “Thorough work, modern equipment and complete compliance with current therapeutic principles are the foundation of the success and durability of our work”. Care for aesthetics runs in tandem with dental health and each aspect is an integral part of our work. Teeth whitening, ceramic systems and modern aesthetic fillings provide the most striking results. The whitening of stained teeth is performed with an excellent level of success without any adverse effects on treated teeth. Individually orientated treatment and proper selection of the means of bleaching is the key to our success. High standard ceramic systems on a metal base, as well as the latest in non metallic systems, are the basis of our care in long-term aesthetic and functional reconstruction.


Loss of teeth is an aesthetic, functional and social handicap, for the partially and totally edentate patients. ESTETIK Dentistry on the basis of years of experience, following modern trends and in cooperation with leading dental laboratories guarantees the highest quality crowns, bridges and mobile prosthesis. Lack of one or a group of teeth can sucesfully be repalaced with crowns or bridges made of metal-ceramic or clean zirkonia ‘ceramics which have met the high aesthetic requirements and fukcionalna component of natural teath. Where we are forced to create a mobile prosthesis, they are stabilized with telescope systems, and various fastener. With a quality prostetic teeth whose shape corresponds to the natural and transparency. We did not forget these patients who for these or other reasons are without any teeth. We offer quality, easy dental prosthesis whose sequences almost completely mimic the color and shape of the previous tooth. All this follows team of experienced dental technicians in the making restorations using modern materials that are non-toxic, neiritativni and biokompatibilni the tissues of mouth.


Oral surgery

Surgical treatment of chronic inflammation that appear on the roots at the base of teeth, sometimes the only method that returns a diseased tooth in function, avoiding its removal. Our motto is that every root of the teeth is better carrier for prosthetic work of any implant. Pre prosthetics correction of soft tissue and bone of the jaws in order to prepare for the prosthetics. Removing the residual roots of teeth and surgical extracting of submerged teeth in adults and children. Interventions are performed with local anesthethic with the use of drugs that reduce postoperative discomfort, so that the patient has minimal complications.


Gingivitis and destruction of teeth bone support professionally known as periodontitis, are now the most common cause of tooth loss. Inflammation develops due to hold deposits on the teeth, due to inadequate hygiene. Long-term retention of plaque on the teeth (dental plaque) transformes to calculus and can not be removed by washing and the teeth brushing alone. Withc adequate treatment we eliminate gingivitis, and with the cooperation of patients maintain long-term results. Treatments include: a thorough cleaning and removal of dental plaque irritation, training patients to maintain good hygiene, regular check-ups and additional motivation of the patient. In this way, even in patients with pronounced long-term periodontitis we can avoid progression of disease. Advanced forms of periodontitis sometimes require so-called “flap surgery, surgery that is performed with minimal trauma, implantating safest and best quality bone tisue substitute to compensate for the lost bone tissue. Surface or infiltraciona or local anesthesia is included in the price of services.