My dentist…

The owner and founder of ESTETIK is Dr. Dragan Timotijevic.
Dr. Timotijevic graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. He specialised in Prosthodontics at the prestigious Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.

What is his background?

Dr. Timotijevic has spent 10 years practicing in leading private dental surgeries in Belgrade. He spent four years in the Military Medical Academy Belgrade, two years in Medical Centre Pancevo and a year in Medical Centre Rakovica.

Dr. Timotijevic continues to updates himself with evolving dental techniques via international and national seminars and congresses covering a broad spectrum of dental health areas.  He holds a range of certificates and diplomas testifying to his continual and diligent attention to development in dentistry around the world.

He is a member of the Dental Association of Serbia and is fully licensed by the Dental Association.
Dr. Timotijevic:  “My motto in dentistry is to treat others as I would wish myself and my family to be treated”.

In working with his patients, Dr. Timotijevic adheres to the following principles:
–  natural and healthy teeth are the most beautiful
–  any intervention must be painless
–  the patient must be able to enjoy entire confidence in their doctor/dentist

The practice…

Dental Surgery ESTETIK is designed and equipped to the highest European standards. All appliances are the latest generation, which allow the optimum in speed combined with safety. Our environment is specifically designed to give patients a relaxed and safe experience.